What is “Walk and Talk Coaching”?

Walking belongs to all cultures, and all times. It is a powerful and relaxing way to reach your inner self. Nature does not judge: in nature you can be just the way you are. You could see nature as a metaphor for your life. There are periods of flowering, and periods of drought, and everything in between. Just like nature, we react to the various seasons in ourselves. During our walks we look at your specific talents and qualities – using focussed assignments, images and associations from nature – to connect to your own question. From here surprising insights and solutions often come to the surface. Since you connect these insights to the natural environment, they stay with you for longer, so you can work through them.

Walking in nature activates the energy areas in your body:
  • As you begin to move, and empty your mind, you become more grounded; this gives you a peaceful feeling
  • You listen more to your ‘’gut feeling’’ or ‘’what is good’’, and ‘’what is bad for me”; this increases your self-esteem, and gives you a sense of power
  • You increase the space in your heart by deep breathing, and by expressing your feelings; this is a relief, and gives you energy
  • You stand back and look at yourself with a fresh perspective; you see possibilities of how to reach your goal, and this gives you more confidence
  • You find the right words to express what you want, and how you can make this desire concrete; this gives clarity and hope

Recent research by Agnes van den Berg (2016) shows that Walk and Talk Coaching has positive effects on (work-related)stress, wellbeing, and health. Psychological and physical stress, difficulties with concentration, attention and social functioning all diminish with Walk and Talk Coaching. Clarity and pleasure at work, hope, self-appreciation and satisfaction with life increase. You can read the complete research report at rapport wandelcoaching

Coaching Plan

Become the director of your own life once again!

In 4 walks of 90 minutes, we investigate the things that matter most to you: what significance these have for you; how you can take them seriously; and how you can integrate them successfully.
You re-learn how to deal with these changes while maintaining your own integrity. This way, you become the expert that you already, always were!