Who is this for?

I coach people who have come to a standstill because of working- or personal circumstances.

Constant adjustment undermines self-confidence.
Are you in a situation where you constantly have to adapt yourself to your collegues, your manager, your surroundings? Do you feel you’re not being appreciated? Are you done with your job? Do you wonder what it is that you really want? Has life come to a standstill? Do you want to take steps, but don’t know how? It’s clear you’ve been crossing your boundaries for too long. You feel languid and have doubts about yourself. It’s time for change.


Did you grow up within various different cultures? This can affect the way you look at yourself and how you behave. Do you experience anxiety because of this? At the same time your background can be a powerful source  to get strength from. You may count yourself fortunate in having various cultures.

Do you recognise some of this?

Let’s follow the path with you in the centre  again.

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Naturally – different!